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Leak Detection

Stop leaks in their tracks with thorough leak detection!

Stellar Leak Detection Services In Southeast Pennsylvania

The Best Leak Detection Company In Berks County, PA and Surrounding Areas

Leaks come in many different forms, especially in your Berks County home. From natural gas to trickling water, your home can experience damage that releases various substances. It’s crucial to address gas loss and plumbing issues with efficiency.

Longacre Company is your trusted provider of leak detection services in Berks County, PA. Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and safety. With our long-lasting solutions and extensive capabilities, you can trust our company to handle these problems when they occur in your home.

When To Schedule Water Leak Detection Services

Many issues can cause your plumbing system to release water when it’s not supposed to. High water pressure, corrosion and pipe shifts can all become sources of a potential water leak. When these issues cause one to form, you’ll want to monitor your system for a few warning signs.

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Low Water Pressure

Taking a satisfying shower is the perfect way to start or end the day. But the last thing anyone wants to experience is a shower with weak water pressure. Low water pressure can put a literal damper on this task, and it also indicates potential water loss.

Pipe damage can impact your home’s water pressure, which will reflect when you turn on your fixtures. It’s crucial to contact our dependable team for assistance. We’re prepared to perform plumbing repairs that resolve this issue.

High Water Bills

If your water use hasn’t changed but your utility bill is higher than usual, it may indicate water loss in your plumbing system.

This issue may be frustrating, but it’s also expensive if the source isn’t discovered. Our team can assess your plumbing and determine what’s causing this pricey problem.

Random Wet Spots In Home

If home is where the heart is, your pipes are the veins that allow your plumbing fixtures to operate efficiently. Depending on your house’s plumbing layout, your pipes are located within your walls, floors and basement.

When this material is damaged, water can escape and seep into your home. This issue can result in random wet areas in your living space. Monitor your home for stained ceilings, wet spots on your walls and water patches on your floor.

Efficient Gas Leak Detection Capabilities

Natural gas exposure is hazardous, especially in a residential setting. A leak in your home’s gas line or gas-powered home system is an issue that needs immediate attention.

If you notice hissing sounds, a rotten egg odor or symptoms of natural gas poisoning, leave your home immediately and contact emergency services.

Our team can help identify where the leak is coming from and restore your home to a safe space. At Summit AC, we prioritize the safety of your home with our specialized gas leak detection services.

Our skilled technicians utilize cutting-edge technology to promptly identify and address potential gas line issues, ensuring security and peace of mind for you and your family.

Your Go-To For Leak Detection Services In Berks County, PA

Longacre Company prioritizes the safety and comfort of Berks County homeowners! Hidden leaks aren’t just a nuisance, they can be a nightmare for older homes. Longacre offers top-notch leak detection to stop problems before they cause major damage. We know these homes have their quirks, and we’ll use our experience and the latest tech to pinpoint the problem fast, so you can relax and protect those beautiful hardwood floors or that heirloom plasterwork.

From minor plumbing concerns to large-scale water or gas loss, we’re prepared to tackle your problem. Contact us today to schedule your next service!