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closeup of lights hanging from the ceiling showing gold plated light covers

Home Lighting

Put the spotlight on your space with plentiful lighting!

Residential Lighting Solutions

Improve Your Home Lighting In Berks County, PA and Surrounding Areas

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Good lighting changes everything! Longacre doesn’t just install fixtures, we create atmosphere. Want a cozy reading nook? A kitchen that’s bright and functional? We’ll design a lighting plan that works for your space, your style and sets the perfect mood for everyday living.

At Longacre Company, our team of electricians has been serving Berks County, PA with pride — offering safe and satisfactory services to improve homes in our community. When it comes to home lighting updates, there’s more than one way we can make a difference. Keep reading as we light the way to an improved look for your space!

What To Know About Home Lighting Installation

Home lighting installation goes far beyond the simple replacement of a light bulb. This service requires an expert eye and a dedication to detail as it involves complex electrical components.

One wrong move can create disastrous safety hazards — risking the start of a fire or even electric shocks. That’s why it’s always best to turn to a trusted professional to complete any installations you may be looking for.

Options For Your Berks County Home Lighting

No two homeowners in Berks County, PA have the same needs and preferences. At Longacre, we know that you deserve a home as unique as you are. Stand apart from the crowd and tailor your home to meet your specific tastes. You can trust our team to install the following options and more.

closeup of lights hanging from the ceiling showing gold plated light covers

Chandeliers And Pendant Lights

Ceiling lights shine down in your home, acting as a spotlight that illuminates you as the main character of your day-to-day routine. Just as your routine differs from your neighbor’s, your home can too with the installation of chandelier or pendant lights.

Chandeliers hang from your ceiling as a classy and elegant option. Pendant lights are also hanging fixtures, though each fixture will only have one light bulb. These lights can create a dramatic statement in any room of your home. No matter which you prefer, Longacre can make it happen.

Recessed Lighting

If you’re looking for a more simple or understated lighting look, consider how recessed lighting can brighten your space. These options are hidden against your ceiling, lying almost flat against the surface. This is the perfect option for homeowners looking to light their rooms in a way that won’t distract from other elements.

Track Lighting

Track lighting serves as another way to light up your space. This option consists of a long fixture that lays flat against a surface. From there, several individual bulbs will stem off to brighten your space. This unique option is great for homeowners looking to stand out in a sophisticated way.

Wall Sconces

Lighting doesn’t have to be confined to your ceilings. Give your home a chance to shine with wall sconce lighting! A sconce is attached to your walls, acting as an accent piece to your home’s design while serving an efficient purpose. These fixtures are a great way to add light to an area while giving your home a flair of unique style.

What To Expect During A Home Lighting Installation From Longacre

At Longacre, we work swiftly yet safely to provide the results you want. On the day of your service, you can expect us to show up ready to work — and while we do so, we vow to respect your space and leave the area in good shape.

If you have any questions or concerns about your home’s lighting, we can provide confident recommendations that offer peace of mind. We only consider it a job well done if you’re pleased with our work, and we always strive for customer satisfaction!

Call A Longacre Electrician For Your Home Lighting Installation

No matter what vision you have for your home’s lighting, our team is here to bring it to life! Trust Longacre Company for reliable service every time. Give us a call today, or reach out online to set up your service.