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Having a relationship with a reputable AC repair company can mean the difference between relaxing summer days spent at home and being forced to sweat in the place you’re supposed to be the most comfortable.

When you need a repair company that you know you can count on for reliable repairs, then Longacre Company is here. With over 100 years of experience at our disposal, we’re ready to provide the highest quality AC service repair possible.

Most Common AC Repairs

We know a busted AC in the middle of a Pennsylvania summer is no joke. Longacre doesn’t keep you sweating – we offer fast AC repairs that get you cool again. No fancy sales pitches, just honest diagnostics and solutions that keep your family, not just your AC unit, comfortable.

With over a century of industry experience, Longacre Company has seen everything that can go wrong with an AC system and there isn’t a problem that we aren’t equipped to deal with. Read on to learn more about the most common AC solutions our team provides the community of Berks County.

A close-up of a person's hands holding manifold gauges with hoses attached to an air conditioner unit. The gauges are used to check pressure, indicating maintenance work being performed on the HVAC equipment to ensure proper functioning

Refrigerant Leaks

Most air conditioners rely on a pressurized refrigerant system to reliably dissipate heat. Whenever there is a leak or fault in the system it will eventually interrupt thermal management to the point where the system is forced to shut down.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils act as the cooling medium that air passes over to be chilled. When an evaporator coil or related component fails it can lead to poor heat dissipation which can lead to condensation freezing and seizing your system.

Dirty Or Clogged Air Filters

Air filters are a vital component of your HVAC system that helps regulate the indoor air quality of your home. Running a system with dirty or clogged filters can lead to improper thermal dissipation which can quickly cause the system to freeze and fail.

Faulty Capacitors

Providing the initial jolt that zaps electronics to life, capacitors are essential for the proper function of your HVAC system’s electrical components like fan motors or compressors.

Compressor Issues

The compressor is responsible for pressurizing refrigerant and pumping it throughout the system. Without a proper compressor, it’s impossible for an AC to do its job.

Condensate Drain Line Clogs

As water vapor in the air condenses into liquid onto evaporator coils, its intended to drain and be directed into specifically designed condensate lines.

Over time, these lines can become clogged by algae and debris which can lead to water accumulation and inevitable damage.

Electrical Component Failures

Your AC relies on several electrical components to function, from the blower fan to the capacitors and thermostat. Your AC must work in unison with your home electrical system to provide reliable cooling.

Thermostat Malfunctions

Acting as the control device between you and your entire HVAC system, a properly functioning thermostat is vital for your AC to function properly.

Fan Motor Problems

All HVAC systems rely on a series of blower fans to distribute conditioned air throughout the system. Fan issues can lead to inadequate or ceased cooling entirely.

A Protection Plan You Can Count On

The best and most reliable way to prevent every issue mentioned above is by ensuring that your HVAC system is inspected and maintained by a qualified professional at least once per year.

It’s recommended that you have your AC system inspected in early spring to ensure that you have access to a reliable method of cooling your home all summer long.

If you want to make sure that your system is maintained properly and on time, then consider asking us about our Longacre Home Protection Plan.

Customers who join get to automatically enjoy a range of benefits that help the plan pay for itself including:

  • Pre-scheduled maintenance visits
  • Priority scheduling
  • 10% discounts on all repairs
  • A free plumbing inspection
  • Discounted service fees

Live comfortably in your home all season long with services from our team. Reach out to learn more or to get started.

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When you need an air conditioning repair service that you can rely on year-round to provide quality repairs when you need them most, then don’t wait — call the professionals at Longacre Company today!