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AC filter being pushed into it's spot by a technicians hand

Heater Maintenance

Let our team set you up for a warm winter!

Furnace Tune-Ups In Berks County, PA

Longacre Company: Keeping Your Home Cozy

The residents here in Berks County are no strangers to maintaining the things they own. Working hard, enjoying life and finding value in the simple things are just a few of the foundational tenets of the rural roots we’re so proud of.

With intense Pennsylvania winters, heating system maintenance is unavoidable. When you need a heating tune-up and want to make sure the job is done right, the team here at Longacre Company is here.

With a helping hand and a warm smile, we’re ready to provide the best heating maintenance services in Berks County.

How Often Does My Heater Need To Be Maintained?

It’s not uncommon for heaters and furnaces to run reliably for years without ever needing major repairs. This makes it easy to overlook just how important heater maintenance is. Our team recommends that you have your heater inspected and maintained at least once a year.

Scheduling your service in spring or fall will ensure that your system is fully equipped to handle the full force of winter’s chilly potential.

Benefits Of A Well-Maintained Heater

Regular heater maintenance not only ensures efficient performance but also extends the lifespan of your system, promoting energy savings and preventing costly repairs. A well-maintained heater provides reliable warmth, keeping your home comfortable during the coldest months. Below are more advantages of seasonal tune-ups.

AC filter being pushed into it's spot by a technicians hand

Improved Energy Efficiency

Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible. The more efficient your system is, the less energy it’ll require to run — which will directly translate to lower utility bills through the winter.

Extended Lifespan

Heaters often run reliably for extended periods, but without regular maintenance, the risk of catastrophic failure increases significantly. Regular and proper maintenance is essential for preventing such issues and ensuring your heater’s longevity and dependable performance.

Enhanced Safety

With any system that produces a large amount of heat, there are safety concerns. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that all of the components of your gas or electric heating system are in proper working order and will function through the season without creating unnecessary hazards.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Regular maintenance keeps your heating components free from dust and debris, preventing them from entering your lungs. These tune-ups are crucial to ensure gas components burn fuel and oxygen properly, preventing the release of any dangerous gases into your home.

The Longacre Home Protection Plan

The team here at Longacre wants heater maintenance to be a no-brainer for our neighbors here in Berks County. With the ongoings of day-to-day life, it can be easy to overlook your yearly tune-up which is why we’re proud to offer our customers access to the Longacre Home Protection Plan.

Homeowners protected under our plan get to enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Pre-scheduled maintenance visits
  • Priority scheduling
  • 10% discounts on all repairs
  • A free plumbing inspection
  • Discounted service fees

Not only will your coverage ensure that your yearly tune-ups are scheduled on time but the additional benefits included with our plan could eventually save you money on avoidable repairs and breakdowns.

Your home is important and it deserves the coverage and protection that can only be provided by Longacre.

Stay Warm With Expert Service From Longacre

When seeking a furnace tune-up, choose a company committed to treating your home like their own. Experience the care and reverence of Longacre Company by becoming a part of the Longacre family. Reach out to get started today!