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Amp Upgrades

Take your power to the next level with a panel upgrade!

Amp Upgrades In Berks County, PA & Surrounding Areas

Escape The Past With An Investment In Your Future

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To truly understand what life was like a century ago, we’ll have to paint a picture — as digital photography didn’t come into play until the late 1900s. In fact, throwing it back to 1922, the first electric refrigerator was less than 10 years old, the electric television wouldn’t make its debut for five more years and dishwashers wouldn’t be widely adopted for decades to come.

With our founding in 1922, Longacre Company has been there to see it all. We’ve watched times change and seen our community adopt electricity in new and innovative ways. It should come as no shock when we say that the electrical demands of the past don’t hold a candle to the electrical load of modern homes.

Life has changed, and so have we — it’s time to make sure your home has a chance to do the same. Don’t let outdated electrical systems limit your home from reaching its full potential. Call our Longacre experts to provide the results you need with amp upgrades.

closeup of an AMP electrical system

Amperage 101: What Are Amps And Why Do They Matter?

To maintain the right flow of electricity, there needs to be a way to quantify it. This is where amps come in. “Amp” is the short name for an ampere — which is a unit that measures electricity flowing through a given circuit.

As electricity moves throughout your home, your electrical panel is responsible for regulating this current, ensuring that it doesn’t overload your system. When your home is faced with too many amps trying to force their way through, problems arise.

It’s important to make sure your electrical system is designed to safely support your needs. Investing in an electrical panel upgrade may be a necessary step to increase the amount of amps that can safely flow through your home.

What Do Amp Upgrades Mean For Modern Homes?

From powering the basics like dishwashers and lighting systems to charging phones and gaming consoles, electricity is responsible for a lot these days. It may seem like there’s no limit to its wonders, but there is.

The amperage of your home determines how much electricity it can handle. With the adoption of modern appliances, homes need to support a higher amount of current than they once did. The standard recommendation is now 200 amps.

Who Needs To Schedule Amp Upgrades?

Homeowners with property built after the 80s are likely to have an electrical system that already supports 200 amps. It’s older homes that require additional attention, as past properties were built with a lower electrical need in mind.

Electrical upgrades sound complicated, but the good news is that our expert team can guide you through the process. If you need help determining whether your home could use an amp upgrade, we can provide a thorough inspection and expert analysis.

Signs You Need To Upgrade The Amperage Of Your Home

Flickering lights are more than an added ambiance for scary stories. They’re a warning sign of a greater horror — electrical disasters. When your electrical system is overrun with power it can’t handle, the risk of hazards goes up, threatening safety.

If you have an older home, this could mean that your current electrical system can’t support the amps of electricity you need. Carefully consider these additional warning signs to assess the health of your electrical system:

  • Burnt outlets
  • Power surges
  • Burning odors
  • Tripped breakers
  • Buzzing or humming noises

While these signs are a clue that can unravel the mystery of your electrical problems, rely on a professional to lead the investigation. Our team at Longacre can provide inspections to confirm the problem. From there, we’ll be able to recommend amp upgrade services for your home.

What To Expect From Your Amp Upgrade Service

All amp upgrades must be performed by a professional. This complex service requires an electrician to upgrade your electrical panel, wiring and meter connections. One wrong move can result in disasters, which is why this should never be a DIY project.

At Longacre, we’re here to provide expert service you can depend on. To successfully complete this upgrade, we’ll have to turn the power off to your home temporarily while we work. The good news is that this service typically only takes a day to complete. When we’re done, you’ll have a safer system to power your home!

Take Steps Toward A Safer Future In Berks County, PA

Longacre Company has been proudly serving our community for over a century, and while so much has changed, there’s one thing that hasn’t — our commitment to quality care! We’re here to support the needs of your home with services that ensure your safety.

If your home needs an amp upgrade, we’d be happy to lend a helping hand to make it happen. To get started, just reach out to our team!