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Water Softeners

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Efficient Southeast Pennsylvania Water Softener Systems

Water Softener Systems Berks County, PA, and Surrounding Counties Can Rely On

Hard water is an irritating issue many Pennsylvania homeowners experience. While it may seem harmless at first glance, this condition can cause hassles that impact many Berks County residences. Thankfully, a water softening system can combat these problems, enhancing the quality of your water supply.

Longacre Company has a team of plumbing professionals who aim to serve you. As a century-old company, we stand as a trusted provider of water treatment services in Berks County and surrounding areas. From water softener maintenance to reliable installations, you can trust us to provide you with an efficient solution.

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How Does A Whole House Water Softener Work?

Hard water consists of minerals like magnesium and calcium. These impurities can inflict wear and tear on your plumbing system and reduce the efficiency of soaps and detergents.

A water softening system removes these minerals from your water using an ion exchange process.

As water enters the system’s mineral tank, it flows through a collection of resin beads charged with sodium ions. These beads retain the ions from the hard minerals, removing them from the supply. When the water enters your home, the mineral amount has been reduced significantly.

This process provides your home with softer, higher-quality water without excess minerals.

What Does A Water Softener System Do?

When your softening system removes these minerals, you can expect many advantages in your home. This technology is thorough and effective, reducing hassles associated with hard water. Longacre Company is here to share some of these benefits to help you determine if this system is an effective solution for your home.

Protect Your Plumbing Pipes

Hard water may inflict wear and tear on your plumbing system over time. This substance can deposit limescale throughout your pipes, creating blockages within your system. When this occurs, your fixtures may not operate as efficiently or experience damage.

Soft water reduces the damage inflicted on the pipes over time. This extends your plumbing lifespan by years before needing to replace any pipes.

Enhances Efficiency Of Plumbing Appliances

Investing in a soft water system is a hassle-free way of protecting your plumbing appliances. From dishwashers to laundry machines to water heaters, many of our appliances use water to do their jobs. With water softening technology, you can safeguard appliances from the effects of calcium and magnesium. This means more reliable performance and extended lifespan before replacement is required.

Provides Cleaner Clothes And Dishes

The intensity of calcium and magnesium can harm clothing and dish ware. After running your dishwasher, you may notice white spots or buildup on your dishes. Similarly, your clothing may appear dull after cycling through the washing machine or even feel stiff.

Hard water can reduce the effectiveness of laundry detergents and dish soap. A softening system enhances the quality of your water, providing thorough cleanings of your clothes and dishes.

Helps Drinking Water Taste And Smell Better

Hard water isn’t a direct health hazard, but it can affect the taste and smell of your drinking water. A water softening unit reduces unpleasant tastes and smells with untreated water. This factor makes these systems desirable for homeowners who desire high-quality drinking water.

Signs You Have Hard Water In Berks County, PA

It can be challenging to determine the quality of your home’s water without the help of a professional technician. Luckily, the experts at Longacre Company understand the signs of hard water in Berks County homes. A few indicators that you may need softening services are:

  • Your hair is dull or frizzy.
  • Your skin feels dry or itchy.
  • There’s limescale buildup around shower heads and faucets.
  • Utility bills seem higher than usual.
  • You experience frequent plumbing issues, like plumbing clogs.
  • Your water appliances need frequent repair or show signs of scale buildup.

Our dependable Pennsylvania plumbing company is determined to help you get the most from your water supply. At Longacre Company, we specialize in prompt services that meet the needs of our customers. You can expect excellence when you trust our team with your home.

Reduce Hard Water Hassles With Water Softener Installations

When you have Longacre Company on your team, you can expect a plumbing system that fulfills all your demands. Our soft water systems are highly effective, helping you achieve the best water in your home.

Water plays an integral role in a homeowner’s daily tasks. From cooking to cleaning, we’re here to ensure your water is up to your standards. Contact us today to take advantage of water softener installations that leave you satisfied!