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silver sink drain covered in water

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Berks County Drainage Solutions

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Got a stubborn clog? Don’t waste money on those harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes. Longacre tackles drain issues with solutions that are tough on clogs, but gentle on your home. We’ll get things flowing smoothly again, and offer tips to help prevent future backups – because we want you to worry less about your plumbing and more about what’s for dinner!

Longacre Company aims to help you dodge these hassles in your home. Our trusted company has been in business for over 100 years, making us a dependable provider of drain clearings. With a passion for customer service and plumbing solutions, you can trust your home is in skilled hands when you schedule with our team.

What Causes Drain Clogs?

Drainage clogs are like snowflakes. They come in different shapes, sizes and none are created exactly the same. Many things can cause clogged pipes, especially in high-use areas like your kitchen and bathroom.

silver sink drain covered in water

Knowing what items back up your pipes is crucial. Once you know which objects are a threat to your system, you can take measures to dispose of them correctly. A few common culprits of clogs in Berks County include:

  • Hair and pet fur
  • Fat, grease and oil
  • Foods high in starch
  • “Flushable” wipes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Soap residue

You can prevent sink and toilet clogs by properly disposing of these items. Avoid throwing inedible items or large hard foods down your garbage disposal.

Instead, place them in your regular trash can or composting bin. Additionally, don’t flush foreign objects and paper products that aren’t toilet paper down your commode.

When To Schedule A Drain Clearing Service In Berks County, PA

When a blockage forms in your pipes, quick action can prevent more significant problems from occurring! Your plumbing fixtures will show a few warning signs when buildup is overtaking your system. Knowing when to contact the professional plumbers at Longacre can help you avoid clog-related problems.

Fixtures Drain Slowly

While using your showers or faucets, the water should flow down the drain at a regular rate. However, if water begins pooling in your tub or sink, it indicates a blockage in the pipes. Having a professional plumber perform a drain cleaning service will help restore optimal water flow with your fixture.

Drains Make Gurgling Sounds

Your plumbing appliances shouldn’t make much noise. Therefore, it can be a little startling to hear gurgling sounds coming from your fixtures.

When something blocks one of your pipes, it creates an air pocket around the buildup. As water flows down the drain, the air is displaced and makes a gurgling noise. This odd noise indicates a need for drain cleaning, especially if it occurs in more than one fixture.

Frequent Clogs

Frequent clogs are more than a hassle — they’re a sign you need the help of a professional plumber! A cleaning service ensures recurring buildup is removed from your pipes, helping you achieve a functional drainage system.

Maximize Your Plumbing With Drain Services

Longacre Company is the team you can trust with drainage solutions in Berks County, PA. Our motivated plumbers prioritize the safety and comfort of our community. With our many years of skill and experience, you can expect excellence when we serve your home. Contact us today to schedule your next plumbing service with our team!