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Electrical Repairs

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Electric Repairs Made Easy In Berks County, PA and Surrounding Counties

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Day in and day out, homeowners all across the city of Berks County, PA, rely on their electrical systems to provide a certain level of quality and efficiency. When damage is present, this efficiency is threatened — and your safety may be too.

Electricity is highly dangerous, and damaged systems put people at risk. Let our team at Longacre Company provide high-quality electrical repairs that offer peace of mind.

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Address Electrical Repairs Promptly

Flickering lights and finicky outlets aren’t just a headache, they can be downright dangerous. Longacre takes electrical work seriously. We’ll handle problems safely, explain things in plain English, and make sure those old wires are up to the task of powering your modern life.

To restore efficiency to your home and to prevent safety hazards, you’ll need timely repairs. Any fixture that uses electricity to run should be repaired by a professional.

Between lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, outlets and panels, there are a lot of electrical systems that may need repairs in your home. It could be that old lamp that sparks when you plug it in, the switch that suddenly feels hot, or that hallway light that flickers just enough to drive you crazy.

Luckily, at Longacre, this is a service we can provide.

Common Electrical Problems At Home

As experienced electricians in Berks County, PA, we’ve provided solutions for a wide variety of concerns. Our team is here to break down some common electrical problems we see in our community — but know that these aren’t the only issues we can address.

If you have questions about any specific electrical repairs you need, reach out to our team!

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights become a big inconvenience, but they’re also a sign that could indicate a more serious problem. This disruption could be due to problems with a bulb, which is an easy fix. However, it could also mean there’s a problem with the wires, an overloaded circuit or more.

If replacing or tightening the light bulb doesn’t fix the problem, call in an expert for a professional inspection.

Dead, Hot Or Sparking Outlets

Your outlets are responsible for a lot — such as your access to phone chargers, toasters, hair straighteners, gaming consoles and more. You’ll want to make sure these outlets are always safe to use.

Outlets that grow hot or create sparks when you plug something in are a major concern. Similarly, an outlet that won’t power your device at all is another big problem. No matter what issue your outlets face, Longacre can help restore them to proper condition.

Frayed Wires

Having frayed wires is a serious issue that shows itself in different ways — such as flickering lights or outlet problems. Proper wiring is necessary for the safe use of electrical equipment, so homeowners should familiarize themselves with signs of a problem — including buzzing noises and strange smells. Once you suspect a problem, call an electrician to fix the issue!

What Causes Electrical Issues?

Understanding what causes electrical problems will help you know how to prevent them. Now remember, these problems are not fully avoidable, but careful maintenance can minimize your risk for problems. Below are common causes of electrical issues:

  • Animal interference — If animals sneak into your home from the outdoors, they may find wires to meddle with. Rodents are common culprits of chewed wires.
  • Old age — Your electrical systems and wiring aren’t immortal, and as time passes, they’ll be subject to the same wear and tear any system faces.
  • Water — Electricity and water are not friends, and they should never interact as it can have dangerous results.
  • Improper installation — If your appliances aren’t connected properly, they’re likely to create problems in your home.

With this information in mind, adopt strategies to protect your property. Examine your home for gaps and holes that could allow critters or rainfall to access your electrical components. Also, be careful in areas like kitchens or bathrooms where both water and electricity are necessary resources. Never let the two cross paths.

Be sure to keep the age of your system in mind, and as it reaches the end of its lifespan, call a professional to assess the efficiency of your system. For any repair, maintenance or installation needs, Longacre is happy to help!

Protect Your Home With Professional Electric Repairs

Changing a light bulb or installing a ceiling fan is one thing, but rewiring a home is another. While ambitious homeowners may feel confident in their DIY abilities, our Longacre team strongly advises against any do-it-yourself attempts when it comes to complex electrical repairs.

Electricity is a powerful resource that modern homes have come to rely on, but it’s still highly dangerous. Any errors can result in devastating consequences, ranging from electrical shocks to electrical fires.

Our team at Longacre has training to properly handle your electrical components, and we know how to repair your home’s electrical problems properly. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your safety — call our team for reliable repairs.

Our Berks County Electricians Are Here For You

No matter what electrical problem your home faces, you can rest assured that our team at Longacre Company can help address your concerns. We’re dedicated to quality service, and we’d be happy to help. Reach out to our team to learn more!