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technician in a bucket of a bucket truck performing electrical services

Bucket Truck Services

Going beyond traditional services – to reach new heights!

Reliable Bucket Truck Service In Berks County, PA and Surrounding Areas

Bucket Truck Services Made Easy

Want to Lower Your Electrical Bill?

Submit your high electrical bills and if we believe we can lower them, we’ll provide you with an estimate and a money-back guarantee if the bill isn’t lowered the next month *Expires 5/31.

When you’re trying to complete a job but your goals seem out of reach, Longacre Company is here to help raise you up — literally! We offer bucket truck services that are designed to help you reach new heights and complete your work with ease.

Between repairs and restoration services, learn how our bucket truck service can help you achieve a job well done!

technician in a bucket of a bucket truck performing electrical services

We’re Proud To Offer Bucket Truck Rentals

We’re known for providing comprehensive and reliable service, but at Longacre, we’re more than just your partner in home upgrades.

We’re also here to support the local needs of our community! We do this by providing bucket truck services, allowing you to rent this resource for your projects.

What Are Bucket Trucks?

A bucket truck is a vehicle that consists of an extendable boom. At the end of this boom is a basket large enough to hold a person.

With the person safely inside the basket, the boom can be extended, allowing the person to reach objects at greater heights.

Who Needs Bucket Truck Services?

Whether you’re looking to capture a moment in time or simply ready to revamp your property, a bucket truck may be key in helping you reach this goal. Below are some of the actions you can perform with the help of a bucket truck:

  • Trimming trees — Keep your landscape looking its best and your property protected.
  • Photographing landscapes — Capture the city’s skyline or unique landscapes with a bird’s eye view.
  • Painting buildings — Revamp your property with a new look from top to bottom.
  • Changing parking lot lights — Improve safety and visibility on your property by replacing overhead lights in your parking lots.
  • Hanging banners — Share a message or spread holiday cheer with seasonal banners.
  • Performing repairs — When repairs need to be made to high-up fixtures, a bucket truck can make the process easier.

With these jobs happening high above the ground, it can be dangerous to rely on a ladder. By using a bucket truck, the person performing the task will be able to stand in a secure place with both hands free to complete the work.

Why Rent A Bucket Truck?

Bucket truck rental is a great option for those looking for a single-use experience. These vehicles are a significant investment, so if there’s no frequent need, it can be more cost-effective to rent one.

Rental also eliminates the need for long-term storage. Once your job is complete, you’ll be able to return the truck without having to worry about keeping it on your property. Additionally, you won’t be responsible for any vehicle maintenance that’s required.

Speak With Our Team About Your Bucket Truck Service

When you need a bucket truck, our team is here to help! To learn more about our services, give us a call. We’ll be able to assess the needs of your service, such as truck size requirements and the duration of your project.

We’ll also be able to walk you through any terms and conditions necessary for a successful rental experience. At Longacre, safety is our top priority. When you work with us, you can count on a positive experience done right!

Call Longacre For Your Bucket Truck Services

At Longacre Company, we’re here to ensure our community stays a beautiful and safe place to live. Whether you need a lift to perform building restorations or you have to make a repair to high-up equipment, trust us to work with you.

We’re proud to provide bucket truck services you can count on! To schedule your service or to learn more about how we can help, contact our team!