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Reclaim the power to be comfortable with backup electricity!

Generator Installations In Berks County, PA and Surrounding Areas

Power Through Bad Weather With Expert Generator Services

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Without proper preparation, an electrical outage in your neighborhood can leave you feeling powerless. Longacre Company is here to help you combat this issue with the professional installation of a home backup generator!

Weather in Southern Pennsylvania can be unpredictable. Longacre understands a generator isn’t just about keeping the lights on. It’s peace of mind, knowing your family’s safe and warm no matter what blows through. We’ll help you choose the right setup, get it installed professionally, and make sure you’re never left in the dark.

Restore a sense of normalcy and regain access to electricity with a backup generator you can count on. Learn more about how our team can help make this happen.

Two technicians are servicing a large, open standby generator outside a home. The intricate internal components of the generator are visible as they work, highlighting the complexity of such machinery and the attention to detail required in its maintenance

Berks County Generator Installers

If you’re looking for the quickest way to ensure electrical independence for your Berks County home, a generator installation is a great idea.

Longacre installs all brands and models of generators, allowing you to choose the size, type and brand generator that fits your needs best. If you aren’t sure what kind of generator you need, our team can help you with that too!

From fuel type to size, picking a generator will be easy with our team’s years of expertise on your side.

If the time comes when your generator needs some repairs to continue providing reliable back up power, our team is just a call away. Our electricians can quickly assess the system and determine what kind of generator repair will do the trick to get you back online.

How Does A Generator Work?

While you may think you can count on your home to have power, your access to it might be more fragile than you suspect.

In reality, access to your power can be disrupted in a variety of ways. Poor weather conditions, animal interference and accidents around power lines are just a few examples. A loss of power can put your comfort and health at risk — not to mention costing you hundreds in spoiled groceries!

When power goes out in your home, the presence of a backup generator can restore it. These systems are hooked up to your home, allowing appliances to work again.

At Longacre, our team provides installation and repair services for these devices so that you can feel confident in your home’s access to electricity.

Benefits Of A Home Generator Installation

Power outages are never good, but a backup generator can make dealing with them easier. Our team at Longacre is here to break down some of the benefits these systems can bring to your home.

Restore Your Lighting

The most noticeable impact of a power outage is that your lights will no longer work. This may not be a concern during the day when natural light can shine through windows, but it can be a major nuisance at night.

Don’t stumble around in the dark! Our team of generator installers can set you up with a system that returns light to your space.

Continue Cooking For Your Family

No matter what caused the power outage to occur, your family still needs access to food! With a generator installed, you won’t have to rely on canned goods from your pantry. Instead, you’ll be able to power ovens and stovetops to cook quality meals.

Power Appliances To Maintain Safety

Modern homes depend on electricity to function normally. When access is cut off, your way of life is disrupted. You’ll no longer be able to power your phones, cutting you off from a source of communication once its battery runs out.

You’ll also lose access to any refrigerators on your property — which are necessary to prevent foods or medications from spoiling. This concern can be addressed with the installation of a reliable backup generator.

Assessing The Need For A Generator In Berks County

Despite the benefits a generator can offer, not everyone has one. This begs an important question — Who needs a home generator installation? To answer this question, there are three important factors to consider:

  • The initial cost
  • Your reliance on power
  • The frequency of power loss

Homes in extreme climates are at an increased risk when power goes out. This is because the lack of electricity will leave your electrical systems temporarily useless. Pennsylvania is no stranger to severe weather, from tornadoes to snow storms, which means our homes may experience a power outage multiple times a year!

Additionally, if someone in your home requires machines or refrigerated medications to help their health, you’ll want to be able to restore power to your plugs and appliances. The decision to install a generator is an individual one, and it requires careful reflection on your household’s needs.

Call Our Team Of Expert Generator Installers

Adding a whole-home generator is no DIY project. It requires the care of an experienced professional. Lucky for our Berks County community, our team of electricians at Longacre Company is more than happy to set your home up with the generator you need! Contact our team to power your home with peace of mind.