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hardy farrow shaking hands with two men

Meet The Owner

Meet Hardy Farrow

Southeast Pennsylvania Communities’ Trusted Home Services Leader

Hardy Farrow is the owner and driving force behind Longacre Company, a leading provider of home services based in Berks County, Pennsylvania. With a dynamic background in entrepreneurship and a passion for community development, Hardy brings a unique blend of experience and dedication to his role.

hardy farrow shaking hands with two men

A Long Path To Longacre

Hardy Farrow graduated from George Washington University with a degree in political science, providing him with a solid foundation in critical thinking and problem-solving skills that he applies to his entrepreneurial endeavors.

In his professional career, Hardy has been on a mission to create positive change and empower communities. He founded two successful companies prior to taking over Longacre Company.

The first, LITE, focused on empowering low-income students to create wealth through entrepreneurship, earning recognition from Atlantic Magazine as one of the most innovative ideas in the country.

His second venture, WizForm, aided small business owners in navigating government and tax compliance.

A Pillar Of Stability In Berks County

Hardy’s journey to Longacre Company was fueled by his belief in the importance of small towns and the desire to combat the detrimental effects of private equity on family-owned businesses. He envisions Longacre Company as a beacon of excellence in the home services industry, prioritizing customer service and quality workmanship above all else.

In addition to his role at Longacre Company, Hardy has been recognized for his leadership and innovation. He was named to the prestigious Memphis 40 under 40 list and has delivered a TED Talk, showcasing his ability to inspire and motivate audiences.

A Glimpse Into Hardy’s Life

Beyond his professional pursuits, Hardy finds joy in various hobbies and interests. He’s an avid sports fan, particularly passionate about baseball and soccer. Additionally, he enjoys immersing himself in the world of fantasy books, finding solace and inspiration in the realm of imagination.

Dedication To Longacre

With a decade of prior experience in running companies and a deep commitment to his community, Hardy Farrow offers a wealth of expertise and passion to his role as the owner of Longacre Company. His dedication to excellence and his unwavering commitment to serving both his customers and his community continue to drive the success and growth of the company.

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